E Komo Mai! Welcome to my blog.

I'm delighted that you dropped in! E Komo Mai: WELCOME! This blog is basically an online visual journal is modeled after a concept I learned of in psychology 101... waaaaaaay back in college. That concept was somewhere in the chapter on The Significance of Dreams, where it mentioned someone's theory on dreaming about a house usually means that the house represents you. So I have used my actual house (Mauna Lea Manor) to structure my blog. In different rooms you will find different aspects of my life; different interests I like to blog about. This is a way to bring a little organization into my life and thoughts for myself... (dreams are in The Bedroom, Family updates are in The Living room, etc.)
This also, I would imagine, make reading this blog more convenient for you as well. If you are a grandparent interested in seeing photos and hearing stories about my boys, but maybe not so interested in my bellydancing obsession: you can just read what goes on in The Playground. But if you are an Art Collector more interested in my latest work and information on collecting, but not especially interested in my personal life: you'd enjoy The Office. Mauna Lea Manor is sort of the foyer to all the other rooms. If you would like to tour my online portfolio, please visit: www.stephaniebolton.com.
I hope you enjoy your time here ;) & continue to stop by!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

First Friday is coming us Fast!

I have been trying to work on some small originals for my Friday gig in Honolulu.
(my first off island art gig)
Postcard inventory has finally been re-ordered and should arrive by Wednesday.
Coffee with my artowrk on the labels will be arriving tonight =)
Large originals are to be delivered to the barge over in Hilo Monday morning.
This is really exciting =)!
I have even found a place to stay that is only 3 minutes for the gallery, and get this: only $20 a night!!!! Unheard of deal!
I am so thrilled to have my buddy Dania to travel & vend with- she's so much fun!
Wishing Jamie, Dina, & Barb could have come too- that would have made it the perfect girly weekend- but oh well *sigh*
Maybe if it all goes well, we can do it again... another friday.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Freak me Out!

As I was serenely painting this...

I heard this amazing crackling noise like so many firecrackers going off.

I looked up to see this!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I'm on cloud nine!
That magazine I LOVE has decided to use the artwork I submitted for their July issue!
They have also asked for some step-by-step photos and a how-to article.
I really think their magazines are amazing and I love all of the artwork they feature, to be a part of it is a huge honor.
I have also been contacted recently by a Qigong monk to create a poster for their Cancer retreats. He saw the Avocado Festival poster and got my name off the poster.
He has a farm in Hawi where he and his wife hold retreats for people whose lives have been touched by cancer. So I have that project I ought to be working on right now but I was just so excited about the affirmation of being accepted by the magazine- I wanted to share my elation!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Isn't it romantic?

My naughty children destroyed a book from the 1800's that my grandfather gave to me when I was a little girl. I was so angry with them but now I can only thank the little rascals because the book has been given a new life: as Art!
This is a painting for www.bookcrossing.com. BookCrossing is an awesome phenominon where people can release and catch books, then follow their journeys throughout the world and the lives they touch. You register your book online and then release it into the wild.
You can go on the site to see if anyone has found it or read and where it has been.
It is a lot of fun.
They sell bookplates with contemporary artwork. And this is artwork I am submitting.
So they may use this on a future bookplate.
It turned out so beautiful- I am really thrilled with the texture and the colors.
I was painting it outside at the gallery and almost sold it 4 times but I can't sell it- I have to send the original to BookCrossing for their auction. Michael & Julia (the models) liked it too- wish I could give it to them.

Friday, February 6, 2009

A Masterpiece - by Mary C. Crowley

Through the power of your creative imagination, you catch a vision... you dream a dream.
YOu visualize yourself as the person you want to be!
You see yourself as a triumphant personality, striding toward horizons of constructive accomplishment!
You see yourself as a master servant of the race, ministering to human needs and radiating happiness. You strive to make the ideal in your mind become a reality on the canvas of time.
You select and mix the positive colors of heart, mind, and spirit into qualities of good living:
Each moment of time is a brush stroke on the painting of your unfolding life.
There are bold, sweeping strokes of dynamic purpose.
There are the lights and shadows that make life deep and strong.
There are the little touches that add the stamp of
The "art of achievement" is the art of making life- your life- a MASTERPIECE.
-Mary C. Crowley

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Surfer girls

Spent the morning with Journey and Pene & Eliza at Honl's Beach.
The sunshine feels so good.
Mailed off a big painting to Colorado yesterday. Now it is time to get back to work...
(as soon as I finish posting Photos from Journey's 4th birthday party in my Playground room for the grandfolks! ;)