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I'm delighted that you dropped in! E Komo Mai: WELCOME! This blog is basically an online visual journal is modeled after a concept I learned of in psychology 101... waaaaaaay back in college. That concept was somewhere in the chapter on The Significance of Dreams, where it mentioned someone's theory on dreaming about a house usually means that the house represents you. So I have used my actual house (Mauna Lea Manor) to structure my blog. In different rooms you will find different aspects of my life; different interests I like to blog about. This is a way to bring a little organization into my life and thoughts for myself... (dreams are in The Bedroom, Family updates are in The Living room, etc.)
This also, I would imagine, make reading this blog more convenient for you as well. If you are a grandparent interested in seeing photos and hearing stories about my boys, but maybe not so interested in my bellydancing obsession: you can just read what goes on in The Playground. But if you are an Art Collector more interested in my latest work and information on collecting, but not especially interested in my personal life: you'd enjoy The Office. Mauna Lea Manor is sort of the foyer to all the other rooms. If you would like to tour my online portfolio, please visit: www.stephaniebolton.com.
I hope you enjoy your time here ;) & continue to stop by!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

dishwasher repairs pending

68x72" Acrylic on Canvas

Well, with the kind help of Steve from the Kona Business Center, I got my competition submissions off into the mail. We shall see what becomes of that.

There are so many birds singing today. I hear a peacock, a rooster, some carnaries, a cardinal, my precious parrots, and something all together unidentifiable... I think it is a bird... sounds a little cooing but warbly like a turkey... but it isn't a turkey. It is funny that despite all these sounds, I would describe today as quiet and peaceful. The perfect day to get my dishwasher repaired ;) I am waiting for Mr. Sid now. I hope he comes soon. Journey & I usually go paint at Kukio Beach on Thursdays but waiting for him has delayed our trek. It is now entirely out of the question; the other boys will be home from school in two hours. Matt is going lobster diving again tonight. We are having lobster for dinner... he caught 3 small bugs on Tuesday night. Tomorrow lobster season will be closed so the men are trying to capture as many as possible before they no longer can. Yesterday Matt made a lobster trap out of an old bird cage. He was inspired by Journey who had made a mongoose trap out of the same old bird cage.

Journey is so excited about lobster dinner tonight: he is singing and drumming on a box he decorated with markers. (I taught him that each word has a beat=syllables so now he is tapping all his words on his drum)

...and I am waiting, waiting, waiting for the repair guy *sigh*

Monday, April 27, 2009

Need some help!

I have been considering entering an art competition and it has all of these categories... not sure what to enter. I don't want to send in a variety of stuff just one or two paintings that illustrate one style or subject matter.
Either some florals ...

The garden scenes or the flower portraits on raw linen (dramatic close-up gives it an almost abstract appeal and the raw unpainted canvas showing through is a unique feature)...

But I love doing people, maybe this mother & child piece... it has unusual uses of color and texture that might make it stand out in a crowd...

Does anyone want to make a suggestion?
(www.stephaniebolton.com has more examples but if you're anything like me, more options will just make a suggestion harder to make, so go there at your own risk)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Avocado Fest on Channel 54

I have heard that Channel 54 will be airing coverage of the 2009 Avocado Festival
tomorrow (Monday April 20, 2009) at 9:02pm
and on
Tuesday April 21, 2009 at 8:02pm
for anyone who wants to possibly see me dressed up with a silly hat on my head, strutting around in Divine Goods & Matt's concrete-slinging boots.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Love My Mom!

I know I have the best mom in the world but if you think your mom ranks a close second, you should enter my contest for a chance to win her a sweet mother's day present.
Go to the Studio for more details on how to enter.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mata Hari

This is actually not the finished painting... if you can believe there is more.
But since I have submitted these pieces to a magazine, I didn't want to give away the final result before it (possibly... hopefully) comes out in print.
The collage backgrounds.

The Chalk Sketches

Decorating with three dimensional ornaments.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Matty Likes it

This is mixed media (just about everything but the kitchen sink) painting.
The background is a collage of old vintage photographs & paintings of belly dancers.

Atmosphere via paint, pastels, ink & stamps, mediums... just one big happy mess!

I'm calling it Midway Magic!... tomorrow, I'll show you her sister!

Monday, April 6, 2009