E Komo Mai! Welcome to my blog.

I'm delighted that you dropped in! E Komo Mai: WELCOME! This blog is basically an online visual journal is modeled after a concept I learned of in psychology 101... waaaaaaay back in college. That concept was somewhere in the chapter on The Significance of Dreams, where it mentioned someone's theory on dreaming about a house usually means that the house represents you. So I have used my actual house (Mauna Lea Manor) to structure my blog. In different rooms you will find different aspects of my life; different interests I like to blog about. This is a way to bring a little organization into my life and thoughts for myself... (dreams are in The Bedroom, Family updates are in The Living room, etc.)
This also, I would imagine, make reading this blog more convenient for you as well. If you are a grandparent interested in seeing photos and hearing stories about my boys, but maybe not so interested in my bellydancing obsession: you can just read what goes on in The Playground. But if you are an Art Collector more interested in my latest work and information on collecting, but not especially interested in my personal life: you'd enjoy The Office. Mauna Lea Manor is sort of the foyer to all the other rooms. If you would like to tour my online portfolio, please visit: www.stephaniebolton.com.
I hope you enjoy your time here ;) & continue to stop by!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

there goes my clean record!

I can't believe it- no longer can I tease my husband about his speeding tickets...
because today I got my first traffic violation.
Sad, but true.
On the long stretch between Waimea and Waikoloa a hiding cop brought my attention to my speedometer which unfortunately read 71 mph- the last Speed Limit sign read 55- yowzers!
That's what happens when there are no cars in sight, you just kind of cruise and don't pay attention. I usually drive pretty much like an old lady so I was shocked I could have gotten so fast without noticing it.
Didn't even try to flirt my way out of it or anything (now I'm wondering if that really works and kicking myself that I didn't at least bat an eyelid or two, being it was my first offense and all- he might have taken pity on me- oh well).
Expensive trip to Hilo, that's for sure.
I hope it was worth it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

working hard or hardly working..

busy getting filthy in the studio today!
I am LOVING the rain pouring down hard on our rooftop- I can hear the water gushing into our catchment tank outside... yeah!!! Water!!!
I don't have to feel guilty about doing my laundry (you city folk have no idea!)
I am working on some hula pockets for Mrs. Sasaki Bags.
She is running a great deal right now for a select lucky few who happen to live in any of the following States...
North Dakota
New Hampshire
Rhode Island
Why these States & not others?
You can find out on her blog
but if you happen to be from one of these States-
don't waste your good fortune: head over to her etsy shop
and get some free shipping on whatever you get there!
p.s. if you want something specific painted on your bag- talk to me!
I would be happy to paint anything you like to make it extra special & personal!
Your artwork doesn't have to be Hawaiian in theme- can paint anything you like.
Let's me keep my hands good & dirty ;) !

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Art Class starts TOMORROW!

Well, I get thrown to the lions, er, teenagers tomorrow.
Wish me luck!
My parents just flew in and we are cooking them an ono & garden picked stir fry.
The kids are so excited I got them to get their homework done in under an hour- pretty amazing stuff; grandparents.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Back to Highschool

A journal page from back when I was living in Santa Barbara and TAing at Laguna Blanca in Hope Ranch and Santa Barbara High.
I got a phone call to teach a visual journaling class at a local private highschool.
The school is small and the school year is nearly over but for the next four Thursdays I get to share my creative obsessions.
I am excited because this is the kind of artwork that I always loved during highschool- but not the kind of work we got to study. The work of Peter Beard & Dan Eldon- they were my heroes- Sabrina Ward Harrison and so many others. I can't wait to share the wonderful world of visual journaling with these kids.
My hope is that I can give them a fun enriching experience that teaches them to honor the debri of daily life; something that they can grow with and continue using as a creative outlet all throughout the summer and beyond.
The journal is a "safe place" where they can retreat to whenever things are confusing, exciting, frustrating, etc. A place they can escape to & work it out in a constructive way.
On the menu is...
Photo Altering
Maybe I can post some of their work when we are done & you can see if I did a good job ;)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Divine Goods Video

Alessandra though that you might like to see this video of the Divine Goods gallery.

There is a lot of my work and even a little clip of me & Alessandra!
You can get the virtual shopping experience!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Things are never simple...

Sometimes you get a sensational idea only to be thrown a roadblock at every turn.
Money is usually the roadblock in one fashion or another.
Either the up start is too expensive or the manufacturing expenses don't make the product affordable enough to be profitable... etc. etc. etc.
Can't lose hope though... where there is a will there is a way.
Just gotta keep your eyes and ears open for possibilities.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


One of my children (aka paintings- the breathing children aren't for sale!)
got adopted this last week ;)
I am so happy when a favorite painting finds a good home with people I really like.
Anticipation has couldn't have found a more wonderful family to belong to, so I am very excited.
Filling out the adoption papers (aka Title transfer) now ;)!
She gets to live in a house with the "best looking driveway on the street" so says the owners ;).
...can you guess who poured their driveway?
(I'll give you a clue: my husband's a cement mason)