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Friday, June 25, 2010

My 100th post!

I can't believe this is my 100th post to this blog. I still feel so green at blogging and yet somehow I have managed to do 100 times? Well, anyhow...
As promised, here are some working photos of the actual painting process...

First I sketch out my image on the canvas and then I add all kinds of textural collage elements to make the surface really interesting.
I have a world map, old book pages, thin fabric with sequins attached...

I thought of creating a little version Tamalyn's wall map that she mentioned, so I covered countries that she listed in gold glitter and added rhinestone bezels to a few so it might feell like that map she has at home.

After visiting her website, I really had the collar of one of her dvd covers stuck in my head and thought "Hey, it's my painting- I am going to take a little creative license and do whatever I want to do!" ;) So I threw it in, too!

I used acrylics, some oils, some unconventional paints... did a lot of figure painting & went home looking like I got attacked by my paint palette (maybe you would have liked to see a photo of THAT! hehe)

I'll be unveiling the completed painting tomorrow!
I do hope you'll return to tell me what you think of it.

It is your last chance to answer Tamalyn's question:
How can belly dancing change the world?
so if you haven't- it's not too late- you can still leave a comment with your answer and have a chance to win our blog sponsor prize: orchid earrings from Huluwuwu.


the t time said...

hi stephanie, and thank you for your visit to my blog! and for having speak italian! i like your works! so colourfull, and full of life and warmth. have a good flight!

wildflowr said...
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wildflowr said...

Ho habitato in Orvieto dieci anni fa per scoula, allora Io parlo un po L'italiano ;)