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Thursday, May 28, 2009

there goes my clean record!

I can't believe it- no longer can I tease my husband about his speeding tickets...
because today I got my first traffic violation.
Sad, but true.
On the long stretch between Waimea and Waikoloa a hiding cop brought my attention to my speedometer which unfortunately read 71 mph- the last Speed Limit sign read 55- yowzers!
That's what happens when there are no cars in sight, you just kind of cruise and don't pay attention. I usually drive pretty much like an old lady so I was shocked I could have gotten so fast without noticing it.
Didn't even try to flirt my way out of it or anything (now I'm wondering if that really works and kicking myself that I didn't at least bat an eyelid or two, being it was my first offense and all- he might have taken pity on me- oh well).
Expensive trip to Hilo, that's for sure.
I hope it was worth it.


Chrisy said...

Aw it happens to all of us sooner or later...gosh it does make you slow down tho...if only for the financial cost! Love the photo!

wildflowr said...

Except that he took so long writing up the ticket that I had time enough to finish a whole sudoku game as I waited which almost made me "need" to speed in order to get home in time to receive my kids off the school bus! =P (but I didn't speed- and got passed repeatedly by everyone else who WAS speeding)

Wander Girl said...

I got my first ticket last year before Christmas coasting down Lako...I think I cried. Brianna also got pulled over right behind me along with 4 other cars.

Sasaki Creations said...

I have 3 tickets to "cop" to! The first one...I was 16 and while pulling into an angle parking stall with my dads 3/4 ton pickup...I did a little damage to the car in the next stall...oopsie!
The next two tickets were in Hawaii during my divorce period! ugh! One on the way to Hilo and the other by otech...ouch! I had other stuff on my mind!