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Thursday, January 7, 2010

tragic comedy

"Tragic comedy"
a phrase I read today, written by a friend, but seems to perfectly describe my luck

I had a rough time finding a model for a project...
ridiculously, strangely, hard time.
You'd think there are plenty of guys lingering around my stomping grounds...
no one was available.
I call someone who agrees to pose- 
he never shows up.
I finally do find someone at a coffee shop and get some great pictures,
only to have the guy behind the photo developing counter delete all my pictures.
My friend offers her tenant who kindly obliges 
(though probably terrified that this *really* some bizarre match-making set-up)
As we are on the phone making plans to meet somewhere, 
his phone goes dead.
I try calling my friend, 
answering machine... hmmm
So I go for a drive.
When I finally found a stranger, a tourist,  on the side of road, I pulled over, bit my bottom lip and hoped he wouldn't think I was crazy.
He fortunately was a good sport.
The client liked the sketches 
...but wanted to make a few changes...
which I did not foresee...

They wondered if we could put his arms a few different positions.

That guy is probably back in Canada by now and wouldn't matter besides, since I don't even know his last name or phone number or anything anyway.

It won't really be a problem.
I will pull it off but it is just so interesting to me... how abnormally bumpy this ride has been.

It's almost funny.

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