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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Belly Dance Book Project

I am very excited to announce that I will be working on illustrating a book on one of my most favorite subjects: BELLY DANCE! This will be a special book uniting the writing of many of the living legends of belly dance. I will be illustrating this book with mixed media portraits of these beautiful women. You can follow my progress on the artwork and learn a little more about the exciting lives of these amzing women here! I will taking this opportunity to get to know these ladies better by interviewing them so I can create a portrait that captures more than just a physical likeness; I would like these portraits to capture an essence of who these women are!
I will be posting these interviews on my blog to share with you!
My first interview will be with Tamalyn Dallal
I have been a big fan of Tamalyn's books- she is wonderful and intimate writer who has traveled extensively and danced along the entire journey.
I am very eager to share with you her current project in Zanzibar, where she is attempting to re-introduce the art of belly dance back into this culture.
I highly recommend her latest book "40 days and 1001 Nights" to anyone interested in Islamic culture and travel (you can purchase it on her website).


5star said...
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Flissy said...

Wow, what an amazing opportunity! Congratulations!