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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What I have to work with...

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If "they" would come- What would YOU build?

I always ask for four images to work from.
That gives me some variety for my composition but also allows me to see my subject from a few different angles, which can help a lot- especially if I have never met them in person.

This profile shot was taken by Pixie Vision Productions.
This outfit has shot many well-known belly dancers and taken some signature photos, you probably would recognize. Really stunning work.

For almost a decade, the insightful lens of Pixie has captured the essence of the performer and created some of the defining images of the lucid dreamer in the modern world.

She has toured with numerous bands documenting life on stage and off, but it is in the studio where the veil between model and photographer dissipates. Her inner dialogue as a photographer is a dance between the character of her subject and her perception of their desire.

Pixie holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from the School of Visual Arts in New York City and her work has been featured worldwide in publications including Variety, Pulp Magazine, Playgirl, Metal Edge, Complete Woman, Skin & Ink, Modern Drummer, Revolver and Rolling Stone.

In photography, I've found a way to make people happy... besides the creativity, this is what I love most about it. The feedback seems to tell me that I make people feel better about themselves, love each other more... If this is my life work, I accept it.

"Make me look beautiful..." a mother of four asks of me as we find poses, angles and fabric to hide her size. Her friend writes me secretly days later how much the shoot meant to her, how desparately she wanted to FEEL beautiful, not just look beautiful. I saw the pleading in her eyes the moment I met her. We both turned it into fierceness... It is both of us working through fear... that is the psychology of photographing people...

My fear is easier to sort through... Will this person let me in? Will I capture that moment that she is brightest? Am I making the most out of a set, out of lighting and angles, of colors, props, clothes? Their fear is one of exposure... Each person gauges instantly what they will show me, what they will hide behind.. A big showy smile, wide scared eyes... Almost all of my clients begin a shoot this way, always with held breath. They all need permission to drop it, to be themselves, to shine... Tapping into people comes natural to me. I try to break down barriers faster with each successive shoot.


This one and the first one were taken by John E Powers.

This is more work by Pixie Vision Productions.

I have ended up taking bits and pieces from all of these photos and creating a collage, not just physically but compositionally of Kalae.
I'll show you some details of the painting tomorrow- so drop back in!

And remember to leave a comment answering the question...

If "they" would come- what would YOU build?


Anonymous said...


DBolton said...

If "they" would come, I would build whatever it takes....There is such a special feeling when one feels that someone has gone out of their way to make them feel special. Doing for others is the easiest way to find happiness in ones self and in the world. A simple kind gesture from human to human, even just a smile with eye contact, can sometimes make all the difference in the world. So when it comes to caring for others and building something to entice "them" to come..... cover the floor with plumerias, light the tiki torches, and let your most heartfelt smile shine....let "them" know that you are willing to do whatever it takes....to make their heart sparkle.....and they will come!

alealani said...

If "they" would come, I would build a picture of what the world was before industry, pollution and corruption. I would build a picture so clear that "they" would be inspired to help me achieve the vision of renewing this earth back to her most resplendent natural beauty. Who knows, "they" could be "us" after all.