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Saturday, December 3, 2011

sea mistress 
NEW 10 Week Bellydance/Crafting class
 Jan 4, 2012 - March 7, 2012 
Dear Stephanie,

This latest offering is a  midweek treat to exercise your BODY & MIND!

I've had a lot of women tell me that they wished I had an Incense class for adults, so....  
This is a two-part fitness & crafting class designed to cultivate the kind of fun community gathering that gets you through your week!
Adults need to play too! It reduces stress, improving our physical & emotional health... and when mama's happy= the whole family benefits!
When you schedule in a little time for you to relax, exercise & have fun with your gals- you can be the patient, kind, loving person you want to be!
So call up your girlfriends & schedule in some girl time!

This is an opportunity to make new friends or a good excuse to spend more time with friends you already know & love! 

Great Christmas or new Year's gift for a friend! Resolve to get fit TOGETHER! Nothing says "I love you" like T-I-M-E together! Show you care & appreciate their friendship by givng a gift that brings you together more often to do something fun!

band of gypsies

BellyDance Class
 @ The Dancing Tree Studio
10am-11:30am (1.5 hour)
We warm up and learn simple, fun dance moves that feel as good as they look- strengthen, toning, & stretching our muscles to exotic, beautiful world music. A workout so enjoyable- you won't know you're exercising!  A workout that feels more like a celebration- come join the fun!
Low impact but great results for the body & spirit!  Safe during pregnancy.
$130.00 for 10 Week Class if paid in full on or before first day of class
(SAVE $30.00 by pre-paying)
Pay in 2 installments
first installment of $70 due on or before first day of class
second installment of $70 due on or before fifth day of class
(SAVE $20.00 by making two payments)
You can pay for one class at a time
$16 each class

Part 2
Crafting Class
@Snorkel Coffee
11:30am- noon (30 min instruction)
(you can stay longer if you wish- 3 great places for lunch right next door)
We can enjoy a beverage together as we learn how to create, embroider, sew, a fun costume piece to dance in. Learn a new skill and make something GORGEOUS that you'll LOVE to wear!
*Part 2 of class is optional & requires an additional material fee for costume supplies

Supplies fee for costuming materials
One time payment on or before class of $70

www.thedancingtree.com has more details or you can email/message Stephanie Bolton mauna.lea.studios@gmail.com 808 854-1270

(If this sounds like fun but you can't make the time/day - consider if you have a group of 4 or more interested in a different time/day and ask if an additional class can be added- happy to work with your schedule to make this class available to you & your friends
sea mistress
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To join this class you must register at The Dancing Tree Studio, in person or online at www.thedancingtree.com by January 4, 2012
*This class is subject to cancellation if a minimum of 4 participants is not met*

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