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I'm delighted that you dropped in! E Komo Mai: WELCOME! This blog is basically an online visual journal is modeled after a concept I learned of in psychology 101... waaaaaaay back in college. That concept was somewhere in the chapter on The Significance of Dreams, where it mentioned someone's theory on dreaming about a house usually means that the house represents you. So I have used my actual house (Mauna Lea Manor) to structure my blog. In different rooms you will find different aspects of my life; different interests I like to blog about. This is a way to bring a little organization into my life and thoughts for myself... (dreams are in The Bedroom, Family updates are in The Living room, etc.)
This also, I would imagine, make reading this blog more convenient for you as well. If you are a grandparent interested in seeing photos and hearing stories about my boys, but maybe not so interested in my bellydancing obsession: you can just read what goes on in The Playground. But if you are an Art Collector more interested in my latest work and information on collecting, but not especially interested in my personal life: you'd enjoy The Office. Mauna Lea Manor is sort of the foyer to all the other rooms. If you would like to tour my online portfolio, please visit: www.stephaniebolton.com.
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Monday, August 23, 2010


The next dancer I will be painting is


Haunani is one of the lovely ladies who will be performing at 

The Nouveau Gypsy
...an art exhibit & bohemian night market!
at the Chinatown Courtyard in Downtown Honolulu
FIRST FRIDAY October 1, 2010 5:00pm - 10:00pm
featuring the artwork of Stephanie Bolton & Ian Haight
and many other fine clothing, jewelry, arts & crafts vendors
LIVE ENTERTAINMENT will include Shakti Dance Movement belly dancers
fan & fire dancers, Henna tattoo artist: Annabel Jenkins & live music
ADMISSION= FREE!  Tell your friends!

I am also SUPER excited about this week's blog sponsor

Wren makes beautiful, saucy fingerless gloves & arm warmers.  A great addition to your look!
(I just bought some cute ones, myself!)

Ode to Revenge Lace Fingerless Gloves in Black for Gothic, Vampire, Noir, Tribal Fusion, Belly Dance, Steampunk, Lolita, Evening, Victorian, Boho Styles

You'll have a chance to win your very own pair of 
Ode to Revenge Lace fingerless gloves in Black
when you come back tomorrow to read all about Haunani!
See you then!

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