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Saturday, August 21, 2010


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Flash forward 10 years from now…. It’s summer 2020… where do you see the art of bellydance?


It's the summer of 2020 and (I think) belly dance has become; Increasingly popular, not just as a dance form but as a performance art.
With many people embracing what belly dance is ; a beautiful art form, and not what some precive it to be an inappropriate stripper dance (which its never been!) but old stereotypes die hard and some will always believe this. But people are coming to see belly dancers, whither its big stage productions or tiny venues there going to the dances. It isn't a huge cultural phenomenon but its gaining more of a market., and who knows it might be soon!
Dance studios are starting to have more belly dance classes in all kinds of styles, and in larger cities whole belly dance studios are showing up. Due to a recent realization that dance is good for young bodies elementary schools are starting to offer dance as part of the curriculum and not just an add on for P.E..
Belly dancers have looked back (and forward) and are incorporating all kinds of long forgotten dances, and are inventing whole new styles, who knew that fire dance was embraced so whole whole heartedly?

Its very hard to say where any dance form will be in 10 years, each has its own life and breath that shapes itself, each dancer almost just swinging in the breeze.
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