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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

proudly announcing...

The next belly dancer I am interviewing...

Zanbaka is recognized throughout the Pacific Northwest for her well-conceptualized performance pieces, researched fusion styles, and elaborate group and solo choreographies. In addition to teaching numerous workshops locally and nationally, she is sought after as an instructor by absolute beginners who want a thorough foundation in technique to seasoned performers who want to challenge their limits.

Zanbaka is also the authoress of a fabulous series of books designed to teach belly dance in a variety ways:  

The Bellydance for the Versatile Dancer Series.
*pictured at right
These books give a very thorough exploration of key concepts in this art form.
Her approach really opens the door to endless possibilities for growth & mastery in any style of 
belly dance.
I particularly appreciate how she narrows down a simple terminology for communicating what she wants you to do with your body.  As an instructor who was taught by several different people, I know that I have been bombarded with several different names to call and ways to explain the same moves.  
Her approach to explaining the moves leaves no room for miscommunication so I think it is a great resource for instructors, so they can learn better communication skills with regards to explaining to their students what they would like them to do.
I highly recommend these books and this week you will have a chance to win 
Volume One: Foundations!!!
(regularly $45 + shipping)

Just leave a comment answering Zanbaka's question:
Flash forward 10 years from now…. It’s summer 2020… where do you see the art of bellydance? Has it grown in popularity? Are the old stereotypes a thing of the past? Are there more theatre productions? Are there more bellydance studios? Are there classes offered in schools and higher educational institutions? What new innovations have bellydance artists incorporated? What elements of tradition of folkloric roots has the dance retained? Describe how you envision bellydance to be 10 years from now!

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