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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

THE Versatile Dancer!

Portrait of Zanbaka by Stephanie Bolton
Please remember if you leave a comment answering this:
Flash forward 10 years from now…. It’s summer 2020… where do you see the art of bellydance? Has it grown in popularity? Are the old stereotypes a thing of the past? Are there more theatre productions? Are there more bellydance studios? Are there classes offered in schools and higher educational institutions? What new innovations have bellydance artists incorporated? What elements of tradition of folkloric roots has the dance retained? 

Describe how you envision bellydance to be 10 years from now!

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the first book in the Versatile Dancer Series!
(pictured at left- black cover)


Cahira said...

Some things that we've already seen, I expect to see more of:

-Use of social networking to get/keep students and to foster a sense of community within studios.

-More use of online media for class materials.

I suspect that there will still be people who are fighting to keep the folkloric roots alive (as well they should)...just as there will be people who are attempting to fuse any other type of performance art with the dance (to keep the dance up to the times).

I also suspect that there will start being credit courses in bellydance at universities. I think it would definitely go a long way towards decreasing stereotypes if we can get the dance recognized in universities as credit courses and as a major.

Sabrina said...

I think that you will see more Tribal Fusion style dancing in the next ten years due to television and the popularity it has gained on sites like youtube.com.

So called "Underground Dancers" are becoming more accepted and fusing their style in with many different types of bellydance.

I too think that it is important to keep up with the roots, just like it is important in any culture to remember where you came from, but I see it expanding into and becoming part of many new types of dance.

I also see that there will be a more united front on certification of teachers as the popularity grows. Right now there aren't any "right" or "wrong" way courses out there but there are certification courses for some styles. I see it becoming mandatory in the future and teachers getting licenses.

Like the techno/industrial dance style movement, I see bellydance and ALL it's forms becoming more popular and accepted in the mainstream despite many religious fanatics spouting off about "worshipping the devil" and "a dance of sexual whores." Thanks to celebrities like Shakira, Beyonce, among others, it has taken off and I'd thank them for making it more acceptable as a dance form these days.